About Shubh chintak Kishore

Shubh chintak Kishore was born in Mathur kayastha family at a Faizabad (U.P). In 1963 he fell ill . During his illness and thereafter about six month he continuosly prayed to almighty to give him guide who could help him to attain the object of his life in this life time.

In 1964/1965, he came to lotus feet of Rev. Babuji. At first sight Babuji took full control of entire personality without making him concious of it. Shubh chintak Kishore said "I could converse freely with him even after few meeting in very short period of time . His grace enlightened me with many things". Babuji talked about various trait of personality, matter about which people have no knowledge keeping spirituality in mind . Babuji's persona and knowledge inspired him and he became a firm believer of Babuji's foot step.

The book "The glimse of special personality" authored by S.C.Kishore is culmination of the urge to systematic present glimpses of that personality before common man for his benefits. He tried to give glimpse of special personality Revered Babuji. Few highlighted instances in the book present glimpse of special personality . Shri kishore spell his experience with Babuji and his observation with Babuji taking pain to avoid even shadow of subjective interpretation and belief to enable reader to form there opinion.

The "Sahaj marg" system of self realisation was introduced by Babuji to enable even ordinary householder to attain goal in life in most natural and easy manner while leading a normal life. Shri Kishore's idea is that regular practice under the power of Rev. Babuji Mahraj can tarsnform us and help us in tunning ourself as required.