About Sharad Chandra

Sharad Chandra was born in famous saxena Kayastha family. Ramchandraji was his grandfather popularly known as "Bapuji".

In 1979 Bapuji visited his room and asked him to come to him for meditation. His first experience soon after closing his eyes, was that he had reached different level of world. After reaching room he realized that bapuji was very powerful and could change anything from bad to good or vice-verse. He started meditation but was not regular . Second sitting to him was given by Rev. Babuji in 1980 for ten minutes and the same day he told Sharad his faculty for "Vairagya" has been opened. Third time he was given sitting in 1981. Every time in his sitting he felt that he was drenched in power.

Last sitting of him with Babuji was in Paris in (August) in 1982 when he placed both his arms on his head and told "Sharad all I have , I have transferred it to you . Here after you will be the one and only powerful person".

Sharad chandra is whole heartedly working for " Bapuji mission to make Sahaj Marg as world religion". Shri Ram Chandra mission founded by him is globally knowned and accepted as perfect way of God realization.

Sahaj Marg is the natural and easy way of self realisation. Inner Inspiration by Sharad Chandra is precise reflection of his thougth derived from Special personality known as Rev. Babuji. The deeper understanding of "Inner Inspiration" will remind you about William Shakespear words "Brevity is soul of inner wit".