The Emblem of Sahaj Marg

society for babujis mission

The Emblem represents a complete picture of the system founded by the Special Personality Ram Chandraji of Shahjahanpur, U.P.,India, known as "Sahaj-Marg" or the "Natural-Path" and pursued by the Society for Babuji's Mission, Delhi, India. As explained by Him..

The Swastika mark near the bottom represents the point we start from. It is the sphere of forms, rituals and practices of various types we proceed with in our pursuit, by the path, denoted as Sahaj Marg, cut through mountains of difficulties and obstructions be Nature herself. We march on through different spheres of light and shade of varying grossness, far above the sphere of the Moon and the Sun, growing finer and finer at every step till we attain the highest point of approach. The sphere of light created by the rising Sun denotes the new spiritual era started by His Holiness, the Special Personality Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P.). It spreads all over the space, commanding the regions we start from and pass through during our march along Sahaj Marg. Now what prevailed all over before creation came into being, may be expressed as darkness. Darkness means no light and vice-versa. What exists where there is no light? Darkness, we may call it. What may be found where every thing ends? Nothingness may be the only expression for that. But still the expressions 'Darkness' and 'Nothingness' contain a latent idea of something in existence, hence far away from the real sense. No light and no darkness may possibly fit into denote the thing referred to above, which is unchanging and eternal. Now such is the pure and absolute state from which our present existence has evolved. It may be denoted as the sphere of Eternal Peace which is shown in the topmost portion of the Emblem. There is neither Light nor Darkness. Below it, is the sphere known as Satpad, where truth is predominant and consequently a region of light though in a very fine state.